The first teaser for Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Saturday Night Live” appearance is here!

Sherlock Holmes might be able to take down all the bad guys in London in the blink of an eye with the use of some hella clever detective work (and the help of John Watson), but will the actual man behind the funny hat be able to take on Studio 8H? Benedict Cumerbatch is set to host Saturday Night Live this week, and the first trailer for this highly anticipated episode has just dropped. Though it might be short, we know one thing is certain:

Benedict is ready! Um, sort of.

Unlike SNL’s usual promos, where the gust host and one of the featured players banter back and forth with some jokes in a scenic New York City location, here we’ve just got Benedict looking directly into our soul at the SNL stage, totally ready to take on the challenge!

Eh, maybe not so much.

Those flames at the end are probably not a nod to Sherlock Holmes, but rather Benedict’s newest Marvel hero, Doctor Strange. That movie lands in theaters on Friday. Then Sherlock lands on our television sets on January 1st, 2017.

So wait, should we start prepping our hearts for an SNL episode full of like, Sherlock and Marvel sketches? Could this possibly be *the best* SNL episode ever?

As long as Benedict gets his shit together before Saturday, probably.

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