S. Nicole Lane
March 11, 2017 9:28 am

Up until now, I bet you didn’t think twice about the fact that the Netflix series Stranger Things didn’t reveal Barb’s bedroom to us in the first season. But now you can see Barb’s room anyway. The innovative design company Imagined Interiors creates visions of homes and rooms that belong to characters from film and TV. Jen Shelley and Rebecca Strzelinski, based in Chicago, have designed imaginary rooms for characters from Paris, Texas; The Birds; and Waiting for Guffman.

Their most recent installment is Stranger Things.

The duo decided to take a look at where Barb put her head down at night in their latest project. After her friends left her, Barb spent her last moments on a diving board.

Imagined Interiors decided to paint Barb as anything but monochrome and mopey.

Jen and Rebecca steered away from imagining Barb’s room as a boring space, but instead created an “escape from her drab school life and lame friends who let her die alone in the cold.” They gave Barb’s life color and excitement.

Barb would have had a Cure poster hanging over her bed, which is covered by a colorful quilt. She would have worn makeup — blue eyeshadow, to be exact.

Barb would have read Seventeen magazine, but also the NASA newsletter. Her coat is practical – she doesn’t wear it because it’s fashionable.

Oh, Barb, we love you even more now!

The designers at Imagined Interiors pay attention to detail, and they do so with excitement and dedication.

Their small little touches, like a Seals in Space trapper keeper and an actual 1981 Seventeen magazine, are impressive.

The company imagines different sets, so let’s stay updated to see who they bring to life in their next project!