Credit: Netflix

If you, like the rest of the world, were pretty much heartbroken to lose our beloved Barb in Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things, fear not: Our precious gem lives on! Admittedly, in an entirely different series, but hey — we still get to enjoy the splendor of actress Shannon Purser, and what could be better than that?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Purser will be joining the cast of The CW’s Archie reboot Riverdale. Even better? Allegedly, she’s been signed on for at least three episodes.


And don’t worry, fans. This isn’t just a speculation or a hopeful rumor. It’s even been confirmed by Purser’s on her Twitter account! false

On the show, she’ll be playing Ethel Muggs, and in the Archie comics, Ethel has a HUGE crush on Jugghead Jones — Jugghead will be played on the show by Cole Sprouse, and already, we’re shipping this pair. However, according to EW, “Ethel will find herself in a romantic relationship with someone very different.”

HMM. INTERESTING. As long as the relationship takes place here, as in Riverdale, and not the Upside Down.

We’re definitely excited to see Purser flourish. Even though this role appears to be pretty darn different, we have faith we’ll fall in love with Barb — or rather, Purser, all over again in her character. We can catch Purser when Riverdale premiers midseason on The CW.