Credit: Instagram/JoJo Fletcher

Whether you’ve only ever seen commercials for The Bachelor, or you’re a total Bachelor Nation cult-follower, you’ve probably at least heard of Bachelorette JoJo and fiancé Jordan.

Well People justtold us the one thingJoJo Fletcher considers ‘crucial’ at her wedding, and we’re kind of obsessed. Seriously. It’s not the flowers, or the perfect dress, or an amazing venue. Instead, it involves FOOD! Specifically, Chipotle. And JoJo has a very specific idea about how it will be presented.

OMG could anything be more perfect than late-night burritos after witnessing lovebirds tie the knot?

Apparently other major details about their wedding haven’t been worked out yet, but it’s okay — because that burrito bar is laying the groundwork for the best wedding ever.

Feeling so many things right now. We wish JoJo and Jordan the happiest of weddings, because they’re the sweetest and clearly they have GREAT taste (and no joke, we have a feeling this will inspire a lot of burrito bar copycats, and we’re more than okay with that).

And um, hey guys? If we’re not there in person, maybe you could send us some Chipotle? No? Okay, fine. Just had to ask.