Sarah Terry
Updated Sep 07, 2016 @ 12:20 pm
Credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise, the beautiful, beachy love nest in Mexico, where a group of former Bachelor and Bachelorette candidates come for a second chance at love has come to an end. The finale aired last night, and it was quite the love fest. Going into the final day, there were four strong couples: Evan and Carly, Grant and Lace, Nick and Jen and Amanda and Josh. Of those four, THREE ended up engaged, which is a pretty solid showing for Paradise.

Carly and Evan were one of our favorite couples this season. They started out rocky, but then, like so many of us, they saw past the surface and found love.

Credit: ABC

When Carly first met Even, she was a little unsure. Evan has a crazy job, working as an Erectile Dsyfunction Specialist, and his eagerness was initially a turn-off for her. But once Evan was able to relax around Carly, she was able to see what a nice, sweet guy he is.

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Carly said “yes”, and she is happy she did. Evan and Carly are still together today, and they looked so truly happy that we were giddy with joy just watching them.

Plus, Carly posted this totally adorbs photo of her in disguise, so she could go out with Evan in public. They’re so in love they couldn’t wait.

Grant and Lace, also known as #Grace, had a major hiccup before the big day.

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Both woke up from their night in the Fantasy Suite in a bad mood, because Grant was suddenly having doubts. He was realizing that their few weeks in Paradise was real fast for an engagement, and we can’t blame him for that. He said he still wanted to date Lace, but an engagement suddenly seemed scary.

But on the day, Grant’s heart won out, and he proposed to Lace in an attempt to make #Grace official.

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Lace shared this adorable Insta after the episode air to reveal that she and Grant are still going strong.

Amanda and Josh had to overcome all of Josh’s bad press (and awkward kissy noises), but in the end, Josh decided that he was absolutely ready to be a dad to Amanda’s daughters.

Credit: ABC

When Josh walked in, he and Amanda were immediately drawn to each other, even though Amanda was hanging out with Nick. After they went on their first date, it was rare to ever see them not locked in a kiss, so we knew this was coming. Amanda said yes, and she looked so happy.

Amanda and Josh are also still together. Amanda posted this photo of all of them together on the beach.

Of course, we all knew that Jen and Nick didn’t stay together, because ABC already announced that Nick is the next Bachelor.

Nick explained that he just wasn’t having strong enough feelings, so he broke things off with Jen.

But overall, it was a very successful season in Paradise, and we’re so happy so many found love. Until next year, Paradise!