Alyssa Thorne
September 21, 2016 3:42 pm

Literally nothing is more potentially heartbreaking than getting SUPER invested in the first season of a television show, because you know that as soon as you devote your life to it you’re going to find out it’s not returning for season two, and then you have to LIVE with that hole in your heart and life. Luckily, FX is here to spare us that pain.

FX renewed both Atlanta AND Better Things for season two, and we’re SO HAPPY ABOUT IT.

Warner Bros /

According to Variety, despite the fact that both shows are only a few episodes into their respective seasons, they’ve been so wildly successful that FX decided it was worth it to give them the early green light. We appreciate this so much because it removes RIDICULOUS amounts of stress from our lives.

Atlanta premiered to the highest numbers of any cable primetime scripted comedy in more than three years in the 18-49 demo (aka, the one that matters). Better Things is the most female driven show in FX’s history, so we’re super stoked that both of these shows are getting the go-ahead, as we’re allllll about programming that isn’t centered around white men.

Big shout out to FX for adding years to our life by removing the pre-renewal stress early on!