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Updated Aug 17, 2016 @ 12:13 pm

When Jared showed up on Bachelor in Paradise, fans knew it was only a matter of time before Ashley I. would follow. Ashley I. and Jared had a tumultuous relationship last season, because Ashley I. was crazy about Jared, but Jared wasn’t really feeling it. Jared has been THE guy attracting all the girls in Paradise. First, it was Jubilee who went straight for Jared. Then she got sent home. After Jubilee, Haley started swooning, and Jared was into it. That is, until Caila showed up, and then Jared only had eyes for her.

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Then Ashley I. showed up to burst Jared and Caila’s love bubble.

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When Chris Harrison spoke to Ashley I. before going in, Ashley admitted that she still has feelings for Jared. She also insisted that she was only going to cry three times the whole season, but Chris looked pretty skeptical about that. And who cares if a girl wants to cry?

When Ashley strolled into Paradise, Jared tried really hard to look happy.

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But we call all see from his face that he’s pretty annoyed to see her.

It took only moments for Ashley to find out that Jared and Caila had just had a major connection.

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And in characteristic Ashley I. fashion, she freaked out. But what we love about Ashley I. is that she puts it all out there and melts down in a way that we would LOVE to get to do when we see one of our exes with another girl.

She got to have a gossip sesh with some ladies in the same spot.

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Ashley I. immediately targeted the twins as kindred spirits, and she was right, because Haley was just jilted by Jared herself. She complains that she and Caila are friends, and Caila told Ashley that she didn’t think Jared was her type, so Ashley wasn’t expecting to see them together. That’s totally fair, Ashley. We wouldn’t want to show up on a tropical beach to see our ex dating our friend.

Ashley didn’t hold back, and she immediately confronted her rival, Caila.

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How many times have we dreamed about what we’d say to an ex’s new girl if we had the chance? Ugh, we would totally let her have it! Ashley keeps it pretty cool, but makes it clear that she’s hurt. She asks Caila what happened, because she had said before that Jared wasn’t her type. Caila insists that once she talked to him, she changed her mind. But we don’t blame Ashley I. for being mad, because we all saw how quickly Caila went for Jared.

After a tough day, Ashley got to have a full-on sob fest, because sometimes that’s what you need.

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Get out all the feels, Ashley! Just get them all out!

She also got what we all need sometimes: tough love.

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Ashley sat down with Nick, and he tried to give her a much-needed reality check. “It’s not love. It’s infatuation.” And he finally tells her what lots of people have been trying to get her to see: “You’re never going to be with Jared.” And it hurts, but sometimes that’s the kind of stuff we need to hear.

And as we’ve all dreamed of, Ashley got to pour her heart out to her ex.

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Yeah, Jared did not take that so well, but hey, she was just trying to tell him how she feels. “How am I supposed to find another you?” Ashley pleaded.

We’re not sure, Ashley, but we really hope you find happiness beyond Jared!