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SPOILER ALERT! Because there are spoilers! SO MANY OF THEM!

After half a season of will-she-won’t-she become a Faceless Man, it appears as if Arya Stark has given up that quest. She failed her latest Faceless Man task (but IDK, can you call NOT killing someone failing?), Needle is alive and kicking, and Ayra seems ready to get back to what she does best: Seeking revenge for her family.

Game of Thrones is quickly building towards the end of Season 6, and we should be very worried for Arya. It’d be awesome to say, “She’s going to be fine, don’t worry!” But that Faceless Man, Waif, is clearly set on doing what she does best: Kicking Arya’s butt. But don’t worry too much, because it appears as if Arya’s fate has been predicted.

As Reddit user Rose_Killed_Jack posts, there’s a scene from Season 3 where Arya comes across Melisandre and she makes a pretty interesting statement:

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With what Melisandre says about the eyes — brown, blue, and green — it kinda sounds like these are the people Arya’s going to “shut forever,” aka, kill. She’s already killed two people with brown eyes, Meryn Trant and Polliver. Know who has Blue eyes? Waif. It sure feels like Arya and Waif are about to square off…so be sure and bet on the Stark.

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So sorry, Waif, but we’re probably going to see the end of you VERY SOON.

But what about those Green Eyes? As the Reddit thread was quick to point out, Cersei has green eyes.

Credit: Reddit

Does this mean what we THINK it means? Will Arya be the one to take down Cersei? Because, let’s be real friends, someone is going to be the death of Cersei (literally).

Doubtful that a big showdown between Arya and Cersei will happen this season, since one of them is in Braavos and the other in King’s Landing and those two places are far away. But, this moment from Season 3 might just hint at what’s to come for both of these ladies.