Adding to our list of super talented celeb families, we didn’t even realize that Ariel Winter’s niece, Skylar Gray, is also an actress. Skylar Gray is still really young — and cute as a button — but much like her ~famous~ aunt, she has no small stack of credits to her name at such a young age. Her first gig was on Married, in 2014, where she played like…one of the cutest little girls we have ever seen. Please look at this little ginger nugget and don’t try to hold back your “ooohs” and “ahhhhs” because we frankly don’t think you could if you tried.

Credit: FX Networks

Her next big role is on Bobby Moynihan’s new show, Me, Myself and I where she’s playing his daughter, as Ariel Winter announced via Instagram.

Credit: CBS

Me, Myself and I will air on CBS. It stars not just Bobby Moynihan, but John Larroquette, and follow one man through three periods of his life. We’re pretty into this premise, and are always looking for a fun new comedy to add to our roster — and this one is written by Dan Koppelman, the mind behind Malcolm in the Middle, so we’re sure this will fit the bill. Plus, we also love the proud Auntie vibes here, and we’re def going to tune into Me, Myself and I to support Ariel and her talented, adorable fam!