Rachel Paige
June 08, 2016 3:58 pm

If I’ve learned anything in the last 24 hours, it’s that I need to do a better job paying close attention to the Game of Thrones opening credits. My excuse is that they’re so LONG, so after the quick “Previously on Game of Thrones” recap has ended I head to the kitchen for a snack, or make a last second bathroom dash. The opening credits are a minute and a half long. I’ve got time.

I’m also missing some pretty important stuff. Not only have I somehow overlooked the fact that the Bolton crest is hanging out over Winterfell (and has been since Season 5), but did you know that the Stark crest is also still in Winterfell?


Yeah, it’s just lying on the ground. In pieces. JUST LIKE MY HEART.


Yes, for the last two seasons, for me at least, this has gone completely overlooked. I already have enough of a hard time keeping up with the 345,652 different plot lines (and deaths) each episode. And now I’ve got to tack on the extra minute and a half of the credits to closely watch, too?! This is a lot to commit to, Game of Thrones. But I accept the challenge.