Anne Hathaway blew us away with her incredible musical abilities in Les Miserables. She reminded us once again of her insane singing chops on her latest visit to The Late Late Show with host, James Corden. She and the bubbly host performed their own romantic comedy musical. They sang their way through a mash-up of 10 songs and danced their way through 9 sets. And this magical duo did it all in under 6 minutes.

We don’t know about you, but we’re out of breath just thinking about it.

Which songs were included in their love song medley?

Anne starts off by singing Bonnie Tyler’s I Need a Hero. James quickly intercedes when Anne bumps into him at the elevator. A meet cute for the ages! Oh, we also loved that they brought back memories of the ’90s by singing Sixpence None the Richer’s Kiss Me on a moonlit set. They later joined each other in a drunken rendition of All By Myself. Whether it’s the Eric Carmen or the Celine Dion version, we are digging Anne’s pink furry robe as they sing this number in an apartment set.

In typical rom-com fashion, the musical ended with an airport and a departing airplane. James and Anne close the musical segment with a spectacular rendition of Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together.

We are still melting!

When CBS first announced that James Corden would take over for Craig Ferguson as the host of The Late Late Show, many were perplexed by the unorthodox choice. Corden proved himself to be just what late night needed. Not to mention his viral potential is off-the-charts good.

What are you waiting for, watch the whole rom-com musical now!

To catch more of Anne Hathaway, check out her latest film Colossal. Unfortunately, no singing is involved that we know of. She does realize that a rampaging creature is mimicking her every movement, though. We think that’s worth the price of a ticket!