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If you’re a fan of HBO’s Girls, then odds are you’re totally mourning the fact that the show will be saying goodbye after six seasons. We’ve been following the misadventures of Hannah, Jessa, Marny, and Shosanna — and their crew of friends and loved ones — for almost half-a-decade now. It’ll be sad to say goodbye, and at the end of the day we weirdly just want to know that these self-involved, neurotic, strangely endearing characters will be fine.

And Andrew Rannells, the actor who plays Hannah’s bff Elijah, just reassured us in an interview with People that everything is going to be okay for the motley crew. He also noted that he’s super happy with his character’s arc in the final season.

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He said,

THANK GOODNESS! As much as we have a love-hate relationship with basically every character on this show, in our heart of hearts we just want them to be okay (and hopefully mature a lot along the way).

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Rannells also seems to have some pretty great perspective on the fact that the series is coming to an end.

And we’ve been lucky to get to watch. We’re super excited to see what Dunham and all the members of this incredibly talented crew do next.

The final season will be coming our way Winter 2017, and we’re counting down.