We all grew up on Disney Channel content, whether it’s DCOMs or television shows or (hopefully) both. Now Disney Channel is making us proud, breaking ground with its first gay storyline via Andi Mack. It’s sad to think that it’s taken this long to get to share this news — but we’re so glad we finally can.

The Season 2 premiere of Disney Channel’s Andi Mack (which airs this Friday) will follow one of the show’s main characters as he realizes he might have feelings for a male classmate. Of course, there have been gay characters on Disney Channel before. But this is the first time a main character has been given an arc to this effect, so it’s a pretty big deal.

Andi Mack was created by Terri Minsky, the brain behind Lizzie McGuire.

We’re behind both Minsky and Disney Channel as they step into this new, important territory. And it sounds like Minsky and Disney Channel did their research. They consulted with child development experts while formulating the storyline, and hosted advanced screenings for organizations like Common Sense Media, GLAAD, and PFLAG.

It’s crucial that this sort of content be mainstream for kids. Popular networks for kids’ programming like Disney Channel need to continue to push forward with diverse content, and give kids of all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexualities stories and role models to identify with.

A+ Disney Channel. We knew we loved you.