amy schumer
Credit: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

You can see her on stage, on the big screen, or on comedy shows. But now, you can also see her on a game show because Amy Schumer is going to be on Family Feud. And we are 1,000 percent ready for it. Amy posted a couple of videos to Instagram of the behind-the-scenes of her experience. Her family was headed to the studio to record the episode. Amy recorded their ride to the studio and also posted hilarious photos.

Airing tonight, the Schumer family is taking on Kelly Clarkson and her family in a celebrity edition of the show. The celebs and their families are playing for charity. The Schumers are playing for Everytown for Gun Safety while the Clarksons are playing for The Dollywood Foundation.

We’re glad to see everyone is having a lot of fun. Especially to raise money and awareness for important causes!

She and her crew even have the cool slow motion walk down the hall move down pat. It looks like they are getting ready for a cage match. But, of course, there was no bloodshed during the filming. It was all in good fun and for great causes.

The videos and images show us that Amy and company were psyched up and ready to get their “feud” on. Team Schumer is made up of Amy, her brother, sister, sister-in-law, and her friend from Trainwreck. It seems like a winning combination!

The Schumer family even had jackets made for the occasion!

Which family will come out on top? Who will give the most ridiculous answer? What jokes will Amy come up with? Will Steve Harvey be rendered speechless? We can’t wait to see what happens on this exciting episode. Celebrity Family Feud is airing on ABC this summer. That means a lot of celebrities and their families will be duking it out.

Survey says – fun!