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When Amy Poehler signs her name to something, we know it’ll be good. Not only are we missing her portrayal of Leslie Knope extra hard during this election season (since, hey — Leslie is yet another intelligent, driven lady politician) but we’re so enamored with Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, which helps young women truly see their potential. So, a brand new comedy that she’s taking under her wing will, without a doubt, be incredible.

While the show has yet to find a title, what we do know is that it’ll be a multi-camera comedy that already has a huge star attached — Carol Burnett, to be specific. Burnett will star as a woman who just can’t leave her family home, even when another family happens to buy it.

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King Of The Hill once had an episode with this exact same premise, so it’s definitely not a situation that’s totally unheard of!

While Burnett has been in the field forever (she’s currently 83!) this is the first time she’ll be leading a sitcom, which is pretty exciting — after all, The Carol Burnett Show, was more sketch comedy focused. It’s also exciting for Poehler, since she’s stated a few times that Burnett was a huge influence for her.

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Burnett currently has 22 Emmy nominations to her name, so hopefully this new show can expand that impressive number even more!

Michael Saltman will also be working on this project. In the past, he helped produce shows like Murphy Brown and The Naked Truth, so he’ll be bringing a ton of experience to the brand new set.

The show is set to premiere on ABC in the near future. We’re really looking forward to this one!