Rachel Paige
Updated Oct 18, 2017 @ 2:49 pm

If you’re well versed in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story, you know that ~somehow~ all the seasons are connected. Over the last six years, he’s dropped little clues and hints as to just how Murder House is connected to Asylum, is connected to Coven, is connected to Freak Show, is connected to Hotel, is connected to Roanoke. And now the big question is: How does Cult fit into everything?

Season 7 opened with Twisty the Clown, who first appeared in Season 4’s Freak Show. Also, prior to the season starting, Murphy posted to Instagram suggesting that every season relates to one of the circles of hell. But aside from these two things, there has been no indication that Cult has anything to do with any other season. But the latest episode, “Valerie Solanas Died For Your Sins, Scumbag” might hold the answer.

And it has to do with the Zodiac Killer.

Yes, that Zodiac Killer. Maybe you’ve seen the 2007 movie, or enjoy some good Ted Cruz memes. Episode 7 gave us a backstory for the Zodiac Killer, and guess what, all along it was Valerie Solanas, who it turns out was pretty pissed at Andy Warhol. Just go with it. Remember when Roanoke straight up rewrote the history behind the Lost Colony of Roanoke? Oh yes, Cult is doing the same thing with the infamous unsolved murders in the San Francisco area. Sure.

But Valerie and the murders aren’t what’s important here. It’s the fact that we’ve already seen the Zodiac Killer in a prior season of AHSHotel.

Remember back (when the show actually had ghosts) and Evan Peter’s Mr. March would hold ~ghostly~ dinner parties in his hotel on Halloween? The Zodiac Killer was in attendance. At the time, their face was also obstructed, clearly a nod to the fact that no one knows the identity of the killer. Also because probably Murphy had no idea that in two seasons he’d cast Lena Dunham in this role.

Credit: FX


Or, fine, it’s not really her, but the Zodiac killings are being blamed on her group of “scum,” aka the ladies she’s recruited for her own cult under the idea that men are bad and need to be stopped. They’re the real Zodiac Killer(s). And since Murphy doesn’t make flippant choices when it comes to AHS, the fact that the Zodiac Killer has now been spotted twice must mean something.

Or it means nothing at all and, as always, I continue to grasp at straws when it comes to AHS. You decide!