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American Horror Story: Spoilers.

Okay friends, listen. Since the beginning of this brand new season of American Horror Story, I keep harping on one thing: I’m like PRETTY SURE it takes place in the past. Just something about it feels a little bit ~off~ and I can’t get this idea out of my head (and it’s only reaffirmed every single time we see Shelby walk around in her very mid-2000s Ugg boots).

Well, after Episode 3, “Chapter 3,” I’m pleased to announce that I’m half right: This season does take place in the past. It’s just not as far back as I initially thought. But hey, I’ll take being 50% right about AHS.

In a super quick blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment during Chapter 3, we are actually given a date for when these crazy Roanoke events are taking place. While Matt and Shelby are watching their security camera (the one that captured Lee walking in and out of the house late at night) there’s a timestamp up in the corner.

It says September 30th…2014.

Credit: FX/HelloGiggles


1. The events for this Roanoke Nightmare are actually happening in the year 2014, and we’re two years in the past.

2. The Roanoke Nightmare took place in 2014, but the documentary is still being filmed present day (and they’re just trying to be authentic with their reenactments).

3. The Roanoke Nightmare documentary itself is being filmed in 2014…and the actual “events” of it are happening even EARLIER in the past.

4. Someone wasn’t paying attention when they punched in the numbers for this video, and some production assistant on the set of AHS made a huge mistake.

This is so far the only real indication that are are not, in fact, present day when it comes to Roanoke. Wast this just a mistake, or is it actually a HUGE clue about the time period of our story? And what did *I* just learn? Always trust my gut AHS instinct.