murder house
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Real talk: it’s been a painfully slow summer as we’ve been forced to agonize over the smallest of clues about American Horror Story as we wait for season 6 to air next month. What’s the theme? What are the cryptic, creepy teasers mean? And which of our favorite cast members are definitely coming back? (Sidenote: PLEASE LET JESSICA LANGE BE BACK! We need her in our lives!)

Which is why, every time we hear some new rumors, we’re all like…

Well, we finally have some more concrete answers, in the form of some extra-creepy shots of the set.

TMZ managed to sneak onto the set to get pictures of a dilapidated-looking colonial house that somehow manages to make Season 1’s Murder House look like a pleasant country manor. Shots from the site show a whitewashed building that’s been severely beaten by the elements, and surrounded by dead grass.

There’s also a spooky cupola atop the house—we’re going to make an educated guess that a LOT of eerie things will go down up there.

We already had clues about the word “CROATOAN” etched into a tree, hinting that this season would be all about the lost colony of Roanoke, where more than 100 settlers disappeared without a trace.

Per TMZ, the creepy colonial (as we’re calling it) will be the main set for Season 6

The site says it’s a fully-furnished house and that both Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates have been shooting scenes inside (though that’s still unconfirmed, it’d be super exciting to see AB and KB back in action together!)

Perhaps most exciting of all is the report that American Crime Story star Cuba Gooding Jr. has been spotted on set. It’s little surprise, seeing that Ryan Murphy is the genius behind both shows.

No word yet on other popular theories about Season 6, but we still have more than a month to go. And a lot can happen in a month.

With all the buildup and anticipation, this will basically be us on September 14th, when FX finally debuts the new season.