Rachel Paige
August 05, 2016 1:58 pm

Alright, American Horror Story. We give up. You win. We have literally no idea what Season 6 is going to be about, and it is driving us MAD.

First, it’s about children. Then, you release a bunch of quick teasers, showing things like babies, and creepy people with glowing eyes, and terrifying staircases, and we were like, “Oh. Okay!” And THEN, images from the set surfaced, which seem to suggest that this season is actually about the mysterious disappearance of the Colony of Roanoke back in the 1500s, and we were still like, “Ooohhh…okay?

You do you, American Horror Story. But this is getting very weird.

Now, AHS has gone ahead and released the first true poster for the upcoming season. It is…nothing like what we’ve seen already. No children. No scary cornfields (and maybe aliens). No colonial America. Just a lady, with SPIDERS COMING OUT OF HER EYES.

Heads up if you’re an arachnophobe. Stop reading right now.

AHS posted the picture to their Twitter and Facebook with the caption, “Don’t close your eyes.” Oh yes, we’re never going to close our eyes ever again, actually, because the thought that spiders are going to come crawling out, or in, or our eyelash extensions will suddenly just ~become~ spiders is too much for us to handle.

This picture is downright frightening. It’s also NOT Lady Gaga (who, maybe made a quick appearance in one of the other teasers, specifically the one with the centipede crawling down her face…). Honestly, this picture could mean one of a zillion things. For right now we know it means that AHS is clearly not done messing with us for Season 6 — and Season 6 hasn’t even begun yet!!