Rachel Paige
August 18, 2016 11:57 am

Is this trailer even a part of the upcoming sixth season of American Horror Story? Oh gosh, who even KNOWS anymore. But there’s (another) new trailer, and as we’ve done before with the plethora of other trailers, we’re going to completely obsess over it. We’ve still got a month before AHS premiers, and we’ve got to pass the time somehow.

Right now, AHS is really pushing the “middle-of-nowhere” and “this-farm-is-terrifying” vibe. Last night, they released a trailer showing a corn field, but it’s a corn field with SIGNS in it. Literally, just like the 2002 movie, Signs.

Now they’ve dropped another trailer with a farm vibe to it, but this one features huge, lumbering, walking scarecrows.

Maybe they have brains; maybe they don’t. Maybe they’re AFTER YOUR BRAINS.

The trailer also features what appears to be a little girl, and it also appears as if you should not mess with this little girl. She’s got a curved sickle in her hand, on oh hey, is that a question mark, or the letter six? Maybe both?

Either way, this promo is going to give us creepy nightmares, and once again, we’re still no closer to figuring out the theme of Season 6. Gaaaah, is it September 14th yet?