Rachel Paige
September 06, 2017 11:54 am

When it comes time to choose your weapon of choice battling evil demonic clowns that are trying to kill you, your first instinct is probably not to grab for a bottle of wine. But that’s what Sarah Paulson’s Ally did during the season premiere of American Horror Story: Cult. When staring down danger, instead of grabbing for a knife or some other sharp object, she grabs a bottle of rosé. Because, this is 2017.

It’s a funny moment in an episode full of CLOWN MURDER, and while you might have chuckled at the sight, there’s actually a reason Ally grabbed a bottle of rosé. American Horror Story showrunner, Ryan Murphy, has also been grabbing rosé, too.

During a Q&A session following a screening of the first three Cult episodes, Murphy discussed that this season was fueled by his own “wild increase in…anxiety” due to the ongoing political turmoil.

Art imitates life: Just as Murphy grabs for rosé, Ally grabs for it too. Murphy also spent the hours following the premiere of AHS tweeting about drinking rosé with Paulson, and honestly, #FriendshipGoals. Also, #WatchingAHSGoals.

Here’s to a season of so much more rosé, the new designated beverage of choice when it comes to American Horror Story.