Dasha Fayvinova
Updated Aug 21, 2016 @ 12:27 pm
Credit: FX

Fans of American Horror Story have been patiently waiting for hints at what the new season will bring. As always, the entire season is shrouded in mystery. Luckily, the creators just dropped four new teasers for the mysterious season 6 — but with a twist. Only one of the teasers is real. All of this is a way to keep the horror anthology interesting and fresh to legions of devoted fans.

Credit: Giphy / giphy.com

The four teasers below join the 15 already circulating the internet. No one knows which ones are real and which are just red herrings, throwing people off the scent. As always, fan theories and speculation about the upcoming season have gotten everyone excited. What will the creators come up with next?!

Teaser #16

What will this season bring?! The show already tackled the concept of weird body parts in their previous seasons. This might just be the throwaway teaser made to keep us guessing.

Teaser #17

Creepy breathing through cloth? Check. Jump scare at the end? Check. Will this be the actual clue to this season’s secrets? Maybe. While it’s unsettling and doesn’t give away too much, many people think that this season might just have something to do with the Manson Family murders.

Teaser #18

Loose hair in the tub is a big pet peeve. Maybe not big enough for an entire season of television, though.

Teaser #19

A child humming in the background as a huge spider climbs out of a woman’s mouth? Yup. Creepy and intriguing. This is also giving us major America’s Next Top Model season three vibes.

Which trailer do you think is the real one?