Rachel Paige
Updated September 02, 2016

Another day, another American Horror Story trailer to really mess with us.

The newest one is a departure from the others — so we’ve got no middle-of-nowhere cornfields, no thoughts of aliens, no sepia tone. Instead, we’ve got a room, and inside the room is the scariest doll in the entire universe. The doll is missing half her face — and also, she’s talking, and blinking, and this is that “dolls come to life” nightmare.

Honestly, this truly is one of the scariest trailers so far, because this doll is terrifying.

This doll ALSO might have a big connection to Season 1. Though it’s hard to hear, and it’s a child-like voice, after watching it roughly 500 times, doesn’t the doll sound like she’s saying, “little angel?

Know who else was once called a “little angel?” Michael, the child of Vivien (and Tate). When Vivien first learns she’s pregnant, the always magnificent Constance (as played by Jessica Lange) remarks that she could sense the “little angel” already growing inside of Vivien.


The end of Season 1 has Constance raising Michael, even though he is MOST CERTAINLY the Anti-Christ, as we see when he murders his nanny. We’ve secretly always hoped that Michael would return to the world of AHS at some point, and it’s though that he might this season. One of the only TRUE things creator Ryan Murphy has teased is that this season involves “elements of children.”

Michael was certainly a child last time we saw him, he’s also just hellbent on destruction and stuff. And, one of the six ~true~ promos for this season show a “lullaby.”


Might we actually see Michael growing up this season. More importantly, IS THERE A CHANCE JESSICA LANGE WILL RETURN?