Rachel Paige
August 15, 2016 11:58 am

By now you should know the drill: There’s another American Horror Story trailer, it may or may not relate to what’s actually going to happen during this upcoming season.

So far, we’ve seen spooky shadows, aliens, bugs, and monsters, but this time we’re actually getting a real monster — if this were the 1950s, that is.

The newest AHS promo is a classic throwback to the 1950 monster movies of the past. You know, like Invasion of the Body Snatchers or Attack of the 50ft Woman. Back then, they were pretty high tech and scary movies, but now we see them as classic and campy and super low-budget. It also might be the route AHS is taking for Season 6.

Today’s promo is titled, “Monster meets girl.” The title explains it all:

The (mostly unseen) monster grabs a girl, and then forces her under the water, all while she screams, “Stop, I’ve got to get back to my sorority” — MAYBE Kappa Kappa Tau?

And then the monster and the girl fall in love! Awww, doesn’t everyone love a happy ending?

Out of all the trailers we’ve seen for this upcoming season, this is the first one that DOESN’T fit into any of the other themes/ideas. This one is a straight up homage to monster movies, and we’re digging it.

Anyone else secretly hoping that this is actually the theme of Season 6? A real-life monster comes to wreck havoc on the set of a monster movie in Hollywood, but he’s actually just misunderstood. Yeah, we’d watch that.