Credit: FX

Guys, we’re over halfway through American Horror Story: Roanoke and well, WTF, right?! We finally reached the BIG TWIST that mastermind Ryan Murphy had been teasing us with over the last few weeks and while on the one hand we were like, “OMG this is so cool!” we were also like, “Good lord, Ryan, WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US?!” Although, that more or less sums up every season of American Horror Story, amirite? But we’re still crazy excited to see what kind of madness goes down in the final four episodes of the season, and we have a sneaking suspicion that it’ll involve a lot of torch-bearing settlers…and probably pigs, SO MANY PIGS.



But while we wait in suspense of finding out how shit will go down, here’s a look at some hilarious memes that only true American Horror Story (and not just this season but all seasons) fans will understand!

1. You at the end of Chapter 6.


2. How useful AHS dialogue can be in real life situations.


3. How true this is.

4. Your feelings on Evan Peters…

5. …seriously.

6. How you feel about the AHS love storylines.

7. How spooky-accurate Spongebob is to AHS.


8. Like, this is just ridiculous, right?

9. When you realize you and Fiona Goode/Jessica Lange are basically the same person.

10. And, speaking of Jessica Lange, how you felt earlier this season.

11. How applicable Roanoke is to your very own life.

12. How sadly true this throwback joke is.

13. And this one, too.

14. Your feelings during this past week’s episode.

15. And finally, LITERALLY YOU every Wednesday.

We’re not sure how much laughing we’ll carry on doing once American Horror Story: Roanoke ends, but it’s better than a manmade ~neck smile~ from The Butcher, right?