Rachel Paige
August 26, 2017 11:03 am
Noam Galai/WireImage

Ryan Murphy is okay with telling you nothing, and also everything, about American Horror Story. One second, the showrunner is like, “I can’t tell you anything about about Lena Dunham’s character on American Horror Story.” And the next second he’s like, “Actually, this is who Lena Dunham is playing on American Horror Story, and also this is the episode we will see her.”

That’s the whiplash that happened Friday afternoon during an American Horror Story: Cult Q&A. The first three episodes of the upcoming season were screened for critics and television aficionados, with Murphy joining the group following the last episode. He was game to discuss all things bees, clowns, and Evan Peters, and when it came time to discuss Lena…

Murphy first teased that he couldn’t tease anything — and then he literally told the crowd everything.

So, spoilers ahead for Lena Dunham on AHS, because Murphy revealed all. Even more exciting, Dunham is playing a real person. And just who? Valerie Solanas.

If this name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe this will: Solanas once tried to assassinate Andy Warhol in 1968, but the attempt was unsuccessful. She also created the SCUM Manifesto, which, as Murphy continued, “told all women to kill all men [in order to achieve equal power.]”

Dunham will appear in a sort of “flashback” episode of the series, and it’s Episode 7, in case you’re wondering. As for who’s playing Warhol, that’s Evan Peters — who also doubles as series star in the present day, Kai Anderson.

Leave it to Ryan Murphy to make a Lena Dunham cameo the most extra thing — and in a good way. Season 7 of AHS kicks off on September 5th.