Rachel Paige
Updated September 11, 2016 8:23 pm

American Horror Story might be trying as hard as it can to hide everything about Season 6 from us, but honestly, that just makes us want to know everything about it even MORE.

While we’re pretty sure about the title of this season — American Horror Story: The Mist — we still don’t know what it’s about. With a title like “The Mist” it could refer to any time, place, setting, monster, or even the Stephen King novel of the same name. With each new piece of this Season 6 puzzle, things make a little bit more sense…but overall, it still make absolutely NO sense.

Now, it appears as if a call sheet for Season 6 has leaked out, showing the names of the actors, and the characters they’ll be playing. This call sheet is not confirmed whatsoever by AHS, or FX, or showrunner Ryan Murphy, so it might be real, or it might be really fake. It’s also probably only for one episode, not the entire season.

Either way, it’s worth a look, and take a look (if you’re cool with potential spoilers): false

Here’s what it says:

  1. Sarah Paulson as Daniella Danvers
  2. Angela Bassett as Carmen
  3. Evan Peters as Jason Shields
  4. Lady Gaga as Arabella Danvers
  5. Kathy Bates as Rosemary Danvers
  6. Denis O’Hare as Cuthbert Grange
  7. Matt Bomer as Seth Ashford
  8. Jamie Brewer as Sandrine
  9. Jessica Belkin as Tamara Travers

Oh wow.

Let’s digest this for a second, because according to this, Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson, and Kathy Bates are all related in the show, and this might be something out of a dream. Also, long-time AHS alum, Jamie Brewer, is listed here, and so far she has NOT been confirmed for Season 6. The last name, Jessica Belkin, played Wren during Hotel. There’s also someone listed as “foul thing,” so that’s cool.

And, there’s a name way down at the bottom of the list that looks a lot like Robert Buckley. You might known him from iZombie…and also because earlier this summer he was dating the Scream Queen herself, Lea Michele.

Without confirmation as to whether this is real or not, there’s no telling WHAT this means, and there’s no point speculation as to who these characters are (but these are like, totally colonial era names, supporting the “Lost Colony” theories). We probably won’t get a YAS REAL! or NAH FAKE answer until September 14th, so sit tight. Eventually AHS Season 6 will make sense.