Toria Sheffield
August 15, 2016 7:26 am

It’s no secret that we’ve been kind of obsessed with trying to figure out what Season 6 of American Horror Story is going to be about. The show has taken us everywhere from haunted houses, to creepy hotels, to covenants, and beyond (like way, way beyond). But the teasers for the upcoming season have all been pretty cryptic.

Which is why we’re incredibly excited that a recent teaser posted on the show’s Facebook page might finally give us a clue we can work with.

Shot in a black-and-white, silent film aesthetic, the clip shows an elegant woman ascending a staircase, when a distinctly Nosferatu-esque shadow appears behind her. Did you hear that?! Nosferatu!?

Could the new season in some way involve vampires?!

It’s kind of starting to look that way. See for yourselves:

And while previously released teasers don’t necessarily give a ton away, they definitely don’t disprove the theory. Take a look (warning: major creepiness ahead):

So while we still don’t know for sure (and we’ve already strongly speculated that the new season may be about the Manson family murders), we’re definitely not discounting this new theory as a possibility. And either way, we absolutely can’t wait for the season premiere on September 14th!