“American Horror Story: Roanoke” might have just low-key connected back to “Hotel”

American Horror Story: Spoilers. 

During the third episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke, “Chapter Three,” there was a reference to Coven. A (slightly kooky) medium shows up, announcing that he was JUST in New Orleans…the same location of Coven. There was also a huge reference to Murder House, but honestly anytime someone yells “CROATOAN” everyone is allowed to be like “Oh yeah, Murder House.” But there might have actually been a third reference, and Roanoke might have just directly linked back to Hotel.


Okay, love Hotel or hate Hotel, it’s part of the AHS cannon, which means that somehow, it’s going to (eventually) connect to the other seasons. One of the big things about Hotel was that it revolved around blood-sucking people, aka vampires, who had a “blood virus.” They needed to drink blood to stay eternally young, and also live forever. Cool stuff!

While we probably won’t be seeing any vampires in Roanoke, we have seen a lot of blood. Lots of it. We’ve also seen Kathy Bates’ character, The Butcher, who is very much straight out of the 1500s, but is still walking and talking. She might be a ghost, but we haven’t actually seen her die on-screen.

Well, we haven’t seen her die, but we HAVE seen her eat the heart of a beast (probably, a pig) and totally drink this pig’s blood…which is very much something Lady Gaga’s The Countess was doing during Hotel. She was not drinking pig’s blood, but hey, this is the 1500s, and you drink any blood you find to keep your youthful glow!


As it’s explained, The Butcher is basically sells her soul over to Lady Gaga’s (still unnamed) character so they can…IDK. Do something together? Try and run Shelby and Matt out of their house? Run for president? It’s still not entirely clear WHO Lady Gaga is, but it could be entirely possible that her character is the birthplace of the “blood virus” that makes its way into Hotel. Now she’s infected The Butcher with it…and soon, many many years later, it just might get back to Hotel Cortez.