Credit: FX, HelloGiggles

We’ve only got a week to go before the big reveal with American Horror Story Season 6. What’s it going to be about? Where’s it going to be? WHO’S going to be in it? There are still seven long days before we have answers for these questions, but one new fan theory claims to have figured the whole thing out already — and there are clues for Season 6 scattered across all the prior seasons.

In a SUPER LENGTHY Reddit post (seriously, it’s a post so long it wouldn’t even fit on Reddit), user hypodermicsally seems to have figured out what’s really going down this season. This year will be something like American Horror Story: Cult — or, as they call it, American Horror Story: Sect — and showrunner Ryan Murphy has not only hinted at this premise in past seasons, but in his other shows, too. You know, Scream Queens and The People Vs. O.J. Simpson.

If you’ve got time, the whole Reddit post is definitely worth a read. If you want the quick version right now, here it is: There are lots and lots of clues to Charles Manson in ALL three shows, but this season isn’t going to be about Charles Manson. Nope, it’s going to be loosely based on the idea of Charles Manson and a worshipping cult, and it all leads back to coffee. Campfire Gold instant coffee, a popular coffee brand in the AHS world that has previously appeared in BOTH Freak Show and Hotel.

As hypodermicsally writes: I propose that Campfire Gold Instant Coffee may be the American Horror Story universe’s play on the Folgers Coffee brand, whose heiress was brutally murdered by the Manson Family, as a sneaky allusion to a Sect season.”

As we’ve previously talked about AHS being connected to Shannon Tate’s murder, Abigail Folger was also killed that same night. Now throwing in the reoccurring mention of Campfire Gold Instant Coffee…with AHS, there’s no such thing as a sneaky coincidence.

On top of that, there have been a lot of teasers involving bugs this season, yeah? But they’re not just bugs, they’re insects. InSECTS. One of the teasers also prominently displayed a campfire — and yeah, the trailer was really about alien abduction, but the campfire aspect was staring us right in the face!

Make sense, or another wild fan theory? We’ll find out for real next Wednesday.