Rachel Paige
September 02, 2016 12:03 pm

Right now, there are a lot of different theories floating around out there as to what may (or may not) happen when American Horror Story picks up with Season 6. Not knowing the title/theme/story of the new season, it’s honestly anyone’s guess as to what we’re going to see from the anthology series. And with saying it’s anyone’s guess, one fan out there just made a REALLY GOOD GUESS, and we can’t help but pay attention to it.

You’ve probably seen the DOZENS of promos Season 6 has put out so far. Some of them are real, some of them are fake. But even though some of them won’t directly relate to the new season doesn’t mean they can’t give us a huge clue as to what’s going to happen.

One very attentive fan decided to keep track of every caption posted along with each promo. To us, yes, they seem like a completely random jumble of words. But what happens if we put them all together?

So I’ve been collecting the captions from each picture and video posted on the fb wall in order. Here it is so far I’ve added some words in […] to connect each caption together. Think it’s a hint?” Courtney Asiann Coles writes on the AHS Facebook. After reading this, yes, we think it’s a hint. Here’s what the captions spell out:

“It’s time to face your fear, It’s happening Step by step Recovery, Raising hell. We are everywhere Creeping, creeping Don’t close your eyes. Feel something? Behind you…Run.Listen.[now you’re]Hooked. Rise Monster [and] meet [the] girl, March. What’s cooking? [well] Don’t look up. [its] Murder, madness, magic, misfits, mayhem and mystery. Open wide, Remember to breathe and Wrap yourself tight. We see you [from] A different perspective [so] Teach us We are waiting [in a state of] Zen [and] It leaves a mark. You can’t run from us, One by one We are under your skin While you sleep.”

Since posting, two new promos have been released, so let’s go ahead and add those onto the end:

“Smile…don’t let it take you.”

American Horror Story/Facebook

The other comments in the FB thread commend this rad lady’s creativity (and thinking), and it’s got almost 4,000 likes and 700 comments. But still, no one can figure out what this even MEANS. Clearly, the captions are trying to tell us something — IF it’s even trying to tell us something.

And it sure does sound like ~something~ is coming for us in Season 6.