Rachel Paige
Updated Aug 01, 2017 @ 6:17 pm

The next season of American Horror Story, Cult, just took a turn toward fabulous. Ryan Murphy just posted on his Instagram that a long-time AHS vet (and also, two-time Scream Queen) is finally returning to the FX anthology show. Oh, Emma Roberts, we’ve missed you so much.

And, while okay fiiiiiine, it’s not like this Instagram is 100% confirmation that Roberts is coming back, it’s like, 98% certain. Murphy has been using his IG account to drop all sorts of clues and spoilers as to what’s going down on Cult, and you know what they say: If you give Emma Roberts a knife and Ryan Murphy Instagrams it, she’s going to have to stab someone with it by the end of the upcoming AHS season.

Oh, is that not a thing people say? Is that just me? Okay.

Murphy’s caption gives us barely any information: Look who showed up on the set of Cult looking glamorous and ready for action.

Come on, if that isn’t a confirmation that Roberts is back for more murder and mayhem — now with bonus: Clowns! — I don’t know what is.

What we can gather from this is that, no, Roberts is not playing a member of the extreme clown cult (…or is she?) because she doesn’t have blue hair. She’s very glamorously dressed, and wondering where we can get that coat? And can we get it before AHS comes back on September 5th? Asking for a friend.