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American Horror Story: Spoilers.

If you’re reading this, you’ve more than likely seen the season premiere of American Horror Story: Roanoke (or, American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare, OR, American Horror Story: WTF). If you haven’t why are you here reading this now? GO WATCH IT.

Or keep reading, you do you.

The premiere was packed with a ton of information as to what’s in store for this season, as we try to piece together what is happening to Matt, Shelby, Lee, and their Murder House 2.0. You might already be knee-deep in theories, and if you are, come up for air for a sec. You probably missed this Easter egg hidden in AHS that you need to see to believe, because it is GOOD.

As you might be aware, this is not Ryan Murphy’s first television rodeo. He’s done the past five seasons of AHS, and just earlier this year he launched his second anthology series, American Crime Story. The first season focused on the O.J. Simpson trial, with Cuba Gooding Jr. playing O.J. Simpson, and Sarah Paulson playing Marcia Clark, the head prosecutor during the trial.

WHAT A COINCIDENCE, they are now the stars of AHS: Roanoke.

At one point during the first episode of AHS — simply being referred to with chapters, so it was “Chapter One” — Matt gets a phone call while he’s watching TV. We quickly see the TV, and it’s so quick you might not even realize what’s on the TV. But if you caught it, you probably laughed out loud, because Matt is watching the news, and it appears he’s watching a car chase.

Credit: FX

Specifically, the O.J. Simpson car chase. Take a look:

And since this is AHS, we’re going to have to assume this means one of three things:

1. This is a great Ryan Murphy joke, like a Ryan Murphy show inception! The actor who played O.J. Simpson in his other show is now watching it actually on TV, and LOL. Ryan Murphy is so funny. But also this isn’t Glee, Ryan Murphy isn’t here to make JOKES. So this is probably so much more than just a clever little thing, which leads us to…

2. his isn’t actually the O.J. Simpson car chase. This is Matt watching The People Vs. O.J. Simpson from earlier this year. That means, that this Roanoke Nightmare takes place in early 2016, and this tiny moment has now established a timeframe for the show.

3. OR, this IS actually the O.J. Simpson car chase, and Matt is watching it on TV. AHS: Roanoke takes place in the past, specifically, 1994!!

So, is this just a clever “gotcha!” moment in the show, or does it mean so much more?

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