Rachel Paige
July 24, 2017 11:57 am

Now that we’ve got an official title — American Horror Story: Cult — it’s time to figure out what everything else about the season means. Evan Peter’s blue hair? The bees? The water show FX did to reveal the title at San Diego Comic-Con? All of that is still anyone’s guess, but Mr. Ryan Murphy has now just thrown another clue our way: The names of Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson’s characters.

All we know about Peters’ character is that he has blue hair! We know nothing about Paulson’s role so far. So while we don’t know anything about them specifically, we now know their names. And also that they’re in love – maybe!

Posting to Instagram, Murphy shared a drawing of the two characters, named Ally and Kai. It can be assumed that Paulson is Ally, and Peters is Kai, but let’s never assume anything when it comes to AHS.

Also to note, Murphy’s caption: a love story for the ages.

Ryan Murphy, are you trying to tell us that Evans and Paulson are in love for this season, because we can support that 1,000,0000%.

While this is a pretty cool picture, it is probably not an ~official~ image for AHS. Paulson also shared the same image to her Twitter (along with changing her Twitter picture to it), and credits Instagram user @alexmrg1 with the drawing. He also shared it, and no, I have no idea how he knew the names of the characters before Murphy revealed it, but AHS works in mysterious ways.

Go ahead and cross this off, as one small question about AHS: Cult has been answered, only roughly a million more to go!