Rachel Paige
August 03, 2017 10:31 am

At the end of Walt Disney’s attraction The Haunted Mansion, departing guests hear a booming, ominous voice say, “And a ghost will follow you home!” That’s all I can think looking at these first posters for American Horror Story: Cult. But this season might be the most ghost-free season to date, and instead of ghosts we just have a surplus of clowns, and it looks like A CLOWN IS GOING TO FOLLOW EVERYONE HOME.

Before the theme of the season, Cult, was announced, I made an offhand joke about like, what happens if Season 7 is all about those creepy clowns that used to lurk in the woods with machetes? I was joking. But with seeing these first images and characters for the upcoming season, it sure seems like that’s going to be a thing. The clowns are going to lurk in the shadows, and then follow you home and climb under your bed — or, at least that’s what’s going on with Billie Lourd’s ghost.

AHS7.com has released four brand new images for the new season, showing us not only the actors, but also their characters and a creepy AF setting. And also clowns. So many clowns. Just…ugh, why clowns?

Billie Lourd will be playing Winter Anderson, and she is super boho chic. ALSO THERE IS A CLOWN HIDING UNDER HER BED. 


Another Billy, this time Eichner, is playing Harrison Wilton and WATCH OUT FOR THE BUSHES, BILLY. 


Colton Haynes is playing smoldering Detective Samuels and can you NOT SEE THE CLOWN IN YOUR SIDE MIRROR?? 


And last, but certainly not least, latest addition to the cast Alison Pill will be playing Ivy Mayfair-Richards, and while she’s got a big knife, that clown is getting DANGEROUSLY CLOSE. 


One thing’s certain: After this season, we’ll never be able to look at clowns the same way again.