american horror story shelby
Credit: FX

Going into this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke, we knew that someone would probably reach the end of their Roanoke road. We just never expected it would be quite like THIS. Spoilers ahead for “Chapter 7,” because it’s time to talk about who died on American Horror Story this week.

Even worse, we need to talk about who killed them. All along we thought we needed to be *most* worried about the murderous ghosts. BUT OH BOY WERE WE WRONG!!

The episode picks up shortly after Rory is killed by the ghost nurses (miss you, Rory), and everyone in the MurdeR House is freaking out about it. Everyone in the Sidney’s production trailer is freaking out about it, too, because they witnessed Rory’s murder on their TV monitors. Hoping to catch whatever murderous action is going on, Sidney tries to collect everything so he can get over to the house himself, and that’s when he hears a scream from outside — it’s his PA, and she’s just been attacked by The Butcher…aka, Agnes.

Before you have time to say, “Agnes, could you not?” Agnes attacks Sidney and the camera man. Bye Sidney, our time together was short, but special.

And don’t you dare think that’s the only murder in the MurdeR House! The next one is even more shocking because it involves Shelby…

and Shelby kills Matt!!!!😯😯😯

Matt reveals that he came back to the MurdeR house, because he’s in love with the OG Supreme, Scáthach. He meets up with her in the basement for some ~sexy Supreme time~ but Dominic (in hopes of winning Shelby back) tips her off about it, and Shelby marches into the basement to catch Matt in the act. Seeing what’s happening with her husband and this forest nymph, she grabs a crowbar and beats Matt to death with it, and literally, omg.

And wait, there’s one more murder!

We finally get to meet the OG Butcher (and no, it’s not Jessica Lange, and we’re very upset about this), and she is NOT pleased that Agnes has taken the Butcher-killing-duties into her own hands.

The Butcher gives the faux-Butcher a taste of her own Butcher medicine, and kills her with the OG-ghost-meat-cleaver.

This was a lot to take in over the course of 55 minutes. RIP Sidney (and his production crew), Matt, and Agnes. You will be missed.