It appears as if Ryan Murphy is mixing up his must-see-TV in a recent Instagram post, but we’re going to let it slide this time — unless he really isn’t joking about an American Horror Story/Game of Thrones crossover. TBH, that’d be pretty cool, and we’re going to be thinking about for the rest of the day.

But more than likely, Murphy’s latest Instagram picture revealing the tiniest look at American Horror Story Season 7 is nothing but a teaser for what’s to come in AHS. And according to Murphy, “Winter is coming.”

Not the right TV saga, but sure!

The AHS Czar has been posting a lot of images to his Instagram over the last few weeks, and the latest one shows the Scream Queens alumnus rocking some platinum silver locks, which, yes, does make her look like a Targaryen. But this is AHS, and Season 7 is supposed to be about the 2016 President Election, and last we checked, Daenerys Stormborn was not a candidate (but ugh, we wish).

Murphy captions his image with:

It is absolutely impossible to decipher anything from this picture. Lourd is wearing oversized glasses and a daisy-print dress, so can we assume that this is her character/costume? Does the hair have anything to do with it? Just last week, Murphy teased another unconventional hair color: blue.

American Horror Story: Dyed ?

Well, whatever Billie is up to, and whatever hair color she’s rocking, we can’t wait. However, none of this explains the Game of Thrones shout-out, but let’s save those theories for another day. AHS: Season 7 is expected to premiere sometime early fall.