Rachel Paige
Updated Jul 27, 2017 @ 3:31 pm

What do the 2016 presidential election, Evan Peters with blue hair, clowns, and bees have in common? Your guess is as good as mine at this point when it comes to American Horror Story Season 7! Following the release of the season’s title, Cult, the first official poster is now here, and it combines many of the above things — and then some. Like, an exposed brain! Cool.

The poster features someone holding their head, and we can assume this is the Blue Hair Clown Lady from the first teaser. But here, she doesn’t have any hair. Instead, she has a honeycomb brain filled with bees. TBH, just looking at this makes me semi-uncomfortable because let’s bee real, bees are terrifying. And now they’re in her brain? And it’s dripping with honey? What even…

At least her makeup is on point.

Credit: FX

The caption accompanying the poster on all of AHS’s social media reads: Be of like mind. The official poster for AHS: Cult is here.

With the title being Cult, obviously this season is going to focus heavily on something akin to a “hive-like” culture, just like the kind we see with bees. You know how there are worker bees, and then a queen bee, and they’re all around to serve the queen bee, and also totally up for disrupting your summer BBQ, and coming near me so that I run screaming in the other direction. (Just like a cult!)

Please don’t tell me I’m alone in this bee phobia. And please be sure to come with me on this magical mystery tour as I try to decipher all these AHS clues before the show premieres on September 5th.