Credit: FX

What happens when your entire documentary production crew is killed by a murderous faux-Butcher in the middle of Roanoke, North Carolina? Why, you get another documentary production crew to fill in for you on American Horror Story! Or, at least we assume that’s what’s going to happen with Ryan Murpyh’s latest OMG AHS announcement.

Over the weekend at Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Fest, AHS Czar Murphy announced that an upcoming season will focus on an epic AHS crossover of Murder House and Coven. But for this season, Roanoke, he’s planning something else:

Sarah Paulson’s Lana Winters will pop up in Roanoke, and what?? How?? OMG!! Is Lana going to meet Audrey??

Early on Monday, for a very strange Halloween treat, Murphy Tweeted out that Asylum’s “ultimate survivor” will make her way over to hang out with everyone in the MurdeR House. false

We’ve already speculated — and now, speculated CORRECTLY — that Asylum might be coming back. Just before the big ~twist~ for Season 6, Sidney (RIP Sidney) said something that was a huge callback to Lana Winters. He told his camera crew to keep filming no matter what, which is exactly what Lana told her crew when they went back to Briarcliff.


Seeing as how Murphy tweeted this big announcement today, and more than likely the Halloween episode of AHS will happen this week (because AHS always does something batshit-crazy around Halloween time) Lana will probably show her face in a few days. Let the speculation as how how, why, and what brings her to Roanoke begin!