Rachel Paige
Updated September 13, 2016
FX, HelloGiggles

Tomorrow night at 10 p.m. SHARP, we’ll finally learn the theme, story, setting, title, and characters of American Horror Story Season 6. The long national horror story nightmare is almost over.

In case you haven’t noticed, we have been tracking each and everything that’s emerged from the ~super secret~ Season 6, from possible themes, settings, and Evan Peter’s red hair. We were also the FIRST to notice that Rotten Tomatoes had printed the title “The Mist” on their AHS landing page, setting off a whole buzz of excitement across the internet. The title “The Mist” was then printed in TV Guide, and appeared on upcoming cable listings.

So, is the title of Season 6, “The Mist”? Did we figure it out? Are we going to actually see The Mist at 10 p.m. Wednesday night?

Right now, YEAH. There’s like a real solid 80% chance that AHS Season 6 actually IS The Mist!!

In a brand new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the lady in charge of this tangled Season 6 web, FX head of marketing Stephanie Gibbons, explains that it was always her intention to confused the hell out of all of us with the misdirect promos.

All along, we have been working towards something with these promos, and when asked whether or not they’d all lead back to The Mist, Gibbons neither confirmed nor denied this. Instead, she said, “hallelujah!”


Wait, hold up. Did we get it? Did we figure out the title of AHS? Is it really The Mist?? Gibbons still never comes right out with a yes or no answer, but from her comment, it sure SOUNDS like this is the twisted path AHS was hoping we’d take to get here. And we found it.

No, we still don’t even know what The Mist is going to be about, or why Evan Peters has red hair, but some things should be left up to surprise.