Rachel Paige
Updated Sep 13, 2016 @ 3:21 pm
Credit: FX, Arrianna Blackmon/Instagram

How much do you love American Horror Story? Is it enough to actually transform yourself into one of the characters from the show (for fun, or Halloween, or whatever the reason)? There are so many characters and looks to choose from, whether any of the witches from Coven, to Sally from Hotel, or just trying to channel your inner Jessica Lange (every day of your life).

Though we still don’t know the theme of Season 6, and won’t till tomorrow, that hasn’t stopped one makeup artists from totally embracing this season and turning herself not into one of the upcoming characters, but instead the TEASERS.

Yeah, the freakin’ teasers. This is some 💯🙌 makeup work.

Arrianna Blackmon is a makeup artist from Florida, and she is scary good at transforming herself into literal American Horror Story works of art.

Clearly having obsessed over the Season 6 teasers (just like us) Arrianna not only gave herself spider eyelashes (WHAT THE WHAT) but turned herself into the creepy doll (that may or may not be a direct reference to Murder House).

The looks take anywhere between 2-3 hours, depending on how much detail they require (and sometimes, Arrianna has to stop mid-way through, because her son “wakes up from his nap and [I finish] it with him sitting in my lap. He’s kind of desensitized to it because he’s so used to it and even calls my looks pretty [versus] running away from me.” AWWWWW).

Considering these were done before even finding out the theme of Season 6, we can’t wait to see how Arrianna is going to become [insert whatever character Sarah Paulson ends up playing here].