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If a comedy series about the coming (fictional) apocalypse sounds right up your alley, we have good news. A Good Omens miniseries by Amazon and Neil Gaiman is in the works, and it sounds like TV dreams come true. Gaiman also wrote the award-winning novel behind the American Gods TV series. That means we’re going to be seeing a lot of content from Gaiman in the next couple years. And, TBH, we’re more than fine with that.

Neil Gaiman cowrote Good Omens with Terry Pratchett in 1990. There have been numerous attempts to adapt it to film and television, but none have succeeded. Like American Gods, Good Omens is large and fantastical, which can be tough to adapt. This time, though, it seems meant to be.

The series will premiere on Prime Video. Initially, it will be available exclusively for Amazon Prime members. It will then air on the BBC, though the two studios have yet to release those dates. In the press release, Gaiman described his and Pratchett’s novel:

Based on that description alone, sign us up. Despite all the failed attempts, we’re glad Gaiman persisted in trying to get the Good Omens series made.

We sympathize with Gaiman, and wish Pratchett could see his novel come to life, too. However, we know he’d be happy to finally see it become a show. Hopefully as happy as we will be, watching it.