Christina Pellegrini
March 11, 2017 10:32 am

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans, you might want to pull up a bar stool for this. Your favorite self-absorbed beer slinger might not be returning for another season. That’s right, if Glenn Howerton doesn’t return for Always Sunny Season 13, we might never witness another round of Chardee MacDennis or The Game of Games again.

In the Season 12 finale, Dennis claimed that he was basically over Paddy’s Pub and Philadelphia, but, tbh, we didn’t reaaaally believe him. How many times has this happened before? Certainly he’ll come back in Season 13 with a slew of hilarious anecdotes and flashbacks about his misadventures in New York City or California?

But according to a recent interview with Uproxx, Glenn Howerton might actually be gone from Always Sunny, for good.

Yup, here’s what Glenn told Uproxx when asked if he’s coming back or not.

After twelve solid seasons, it’s obvious that The Gang would not be the same without Dennis—and he is one of the show’s creators, after all.

The details are also confusing. According to A.V. Club, NBC just announced that Glenn was cast, along with Patton Oswald, in the promising new sitcom AP Bio, written by Seth Myers and Mike O’Brien. But Always Sunny still has two more seasons left with FXX. How will they play out without Dennis?

Whether he’s gone or not, Glenn at least paid tribute in the Uproxx interview to Always Sunny.

“It’s been the greatest joy, honor of my life up to this point, to have been a part of this show.”

Truly, Glenn. You’re a genius, and you would be sorely missed.