Gina Florio
March 07, 2017 10:57 am

Whether it’s a binge-worthy TV show or a nail-biting movie, there has come a time for all of us when the ending just wasn’t what we wanted it to be. Maybe our favorite character was killed off. Maybe justice wasn’t doled out satisfyingly enough. Whatever happened, we were left in a big pile of disappointment. You may never have to experience this kind of tragedy again, though, because Netflix is working on a new interactive feature that allows you to choose alternative endings.

Yep, that’s right. Netflix is working on a technology that allows you to be the captain of your own entertainment ship. Soon enough you’ll be able to choose what happens to certain characters of your favorite show, and you can participate in a “branch narrative” that allows you to make choices as you watch. In order to make this possible, actors would shoot multiple scenes, allowing the Netflix user to choose which one they want to watch.

HelloGiggles spoke with the Netflix team, who said they’re testing out the interactive features on Kids shows first before moving forward and making the alternative endings available to adult programs.

Interactivity seems to be the new name of the Netflix game. We don’t know if this feature will be applied to already existing shows, like The Crown and Stranger Things, but we can only hope. Because we can think of about a million things we would like to happen to the royal family in the next few seasons.