’90s kids, it’s time for a pop quiz (it will be painless, we promise)! When you hear the lyrics, “Fresh out the box / Stop, look, and watch / Ready yet, get set,” what show comes to mind? (Bonus points are awarded if you can sing along to the entire theme song!)

If you guessed All That, then you win all the nostalgia! If you can sing along to the whole song, then you get… even more nostalgia!

Okay, now here’s your real prize: the All That cast reunited for the second time in under a month, and we have the video recording to prove it. At Stan Lee’s, Los Angeles-based Comikaze Expo, two generations of the cast got together to talk about the illustrious variety show. Kel Mitchell, Danny Tamberelli, Josh Server, Lori Beth Denberg, Lisa Foiles, Alisa Reyes, Angelique Bates, and SO MANY MORE of our childhood faves were there.

The best part: they sang the theme song.

It’s… it’s… beautiful! *wipes away a single tear*

And there were plenty of Instagram snapshots to document this moment of pure sentimentality:

Now we may have “This is Allll That, this is Allll That!” stuck in our heads for the rest of the week, but we are totally cool with it.

[Images via Instagram, Nickelodeon]