If you’re still floored by the finale of Big Little Lies, and are obsessively wondering what exactly is in store for us if there’s a Season 2, you are definitely, definitely not alone. In fact, Alexander Skarsgard is already dreaming up what could come next — including one very specific storyline that he shared with Variety.

Brace yourselves, because it’s kind of a doozy.

Oh, and spoilers follow! You’ve been warned…

Yowza, that’s definitely one way to go about it…though to be honest, we’re kind of ready to put that whole, painful Perry storyline away.

Skarsgard also opened up about his experience playing an abusive husband to Nicole Kidman’s character Celeste, and the lengths the two actors took to make sure the other felt safe.

Well done to them both for handling those extremely tough scenes in a healthy way.

And now, here’s hoping we get lots more story ideas for Big Little Lies Season 2 from the rest of the cast — and hopefully, that will lead to a renewal.