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Happy Endings was one of those incredible shows that got cancelled way before it should have. It’s the kind of show that we love to watch over and over, because it has so many fun and relateable characters. One of our faves is Alex Kerkovich, played by Elisha Cuthbert, who is sort of the clueless one on the show, and we can definitely relate to some of her quirkier moments. Here’s a list of some of the moments when we felt like Alex was just like us.

1. When Alex impressed even herself with her mind powers.

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Haven’t we all felt like we were being an idiot, and then we totally surprise ourselves because we actually figured it all out?

2. When she was trying to follow the conversation, but it just wasn’t happening.

Listen, not all of us are as into orange juice a Max is, and we’re having a little trouble following his concentrated outrage as well.

3. When she was rightfully suspicious of where her cupcakes were coming from.

While we feel like it’s pretty awesome that you always get an extra baked good when you order a “dozen,” it definitely doesn’t make any sense. And we’ve totally screwed up the numbering system before.

4. When she was totally cool not understanding something.

And don’t judge her for that. Alex was down with being a little confused about something and totally owned it, and we think that’s awesome. Why should we be embarrassed if we don’t know everything?

5. When as a proud business owner, she totally had her priorities straight.

We’ve all heard about the importance of sleep, so Alex is just getting her recommended shut eye.

6. When she maybe hadn’t seen as many superhero movies as her friends.

Listen, there are a lot of superheroes to keep track of these days, so we’re not surprised that Alex thought Penny was quoting a movie.

7. When she literally embodied how we feel when we get hangry.

Having low blood sugar can make us do some crazy things, so it’s best not to get in our way when that happens.

8. When her brain made things way cooler than they are in real life.

Ugh, can we just talk about how badly we wish a Sky Mall was an actual thing?

9. When her musical tastes missed the mark a little bit.

Nothing against Smash Mouth, but if that’s where Alex’s listening stopped, then she’s missed out on so much great Ariana, Demi, and even Taylor Swift. And that’s pretty tragic.

10. When her dancing style was too advanced for anyone to understand.

Listen, not all artists are appreciated in their time.

11. And finally, when she totally got on the audiobook train before anyone else.

With a long commute, it’s nice to have something to listen to, and in this crazy, fast-paced world, we don’t always have time to read our books anymore. Sometimes we need to listen to them.

But what we really love about Alex is that she’s totally cool just being who she is. High five, girl!