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You might recognize this actor from one of his many hilarious roles on TV, like Drunk History and Another Period. And that’s really awesome. But now, we hope you’ll also know him as a man who stands up for women, and that’s even more awesome. Brett Gelman, of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, stood up against misogyny by stepping away from a network that has been rife with scandal recently.

You may have heard that the EVP and creative director of Adult Swim, Mike Lazzo, was accused of making misogynistic generalizations about women in comedy, saying that they don’t tend to “get” conflict. Because conflict is an essential part of any story, many interpret these comments as a sideways way for Lazzo to say that women can’t write. That’s of course, totally NOT true, and we’re glad that people like Brett will stand up to it.

Brett Gelman announced via a series of tweets that he will no longer work with Adult Swim.


Brett’s tweet links to this article on Splitsider, which discusses Mike Lazzo’s comments. In these difficult times, we all want to find a way to stand up against discrimination like this. But sometimes it’s tough to make sacrifices, but sacrifices are often key to making our point. And we SO appreciate that Brett willingly sacrifices potential jobs, because he doesn’t want to support misogyny in Hollywood. That’s awesome, and we applaud him.

Brett told Paste Magazine
that he feels like it’s everyone’s job to stand up right now.

Brett is SO right, and we hope others follow him, and take action against discrimination or prejudice where they can.

We applaud Brett Gelman for being such a positive advocate!