Briana Hansen
Updated Feb 20, 2016 @ 7:47 am
adele 1
Credit: Warner Bros. TV/YouTube

Remember back in the day when you would call people just because they had a clever or funny voicemail? Well, get ready to call your pal Ellen DeGeneres nonstop because she just won the award for “Best Voicemail in Existence.”

During her latest Ellen Show appearance, Adele fielded a very special request from the host: Ellen wanted to know if she’d be willing to say some lines for her voicemail message. The Grammy winner happily read the lines, which hilariously mirrored her (amazing) “Hello” lyrics.

Ellen, like the rest of the world, was delighted by the rendition.

Credit: Warner Bros. TV/YouTube

And while that would have been enough to still have an amazing outgoing message, Adele decided after reading the words to sing them in only the way Adele can. While she was a little worried that there would be too many syllables at first to completely match her song, she made it work because she’s a pro. And, of course, it sounded like heaven because she has the voice of an angel.

Credit: Warner Bros TV/YouTube

The video itself is not only adorably charming, but it’s also really impressive. Not to mention, it makes us want to call Ellen over and over again, just to listen to Adele sing it.

But if you don’t yet have Ellen’s digits on speed dial, you can at least watch this video over and over again.