Credit: Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

A good idea for a television show can appear anywhere. And this isn’t the first — nor last — time that a Twitter account has served up some inspiration. Actor Adam Pally is developing a new show based on a funny parody account called Los Feliz Daycare.

The account, which started up in January of 2013, successfully imitates a true 21st-century hipster daycare where things are just a tad bit sketchy.

In the bio alone, the “daycare” claims that they “do not accept immunized children.” The account gives updates on what’s happening at the daycare, and what the children — with names like “Secret,” “Bourdain,” and “Encino” — are up to. false

The account’s owner, Jason Shapiro, will work as a writer on the show. He’ll be getting some help from writer and producer Erik Richter, who has worked on American Dad! in the past.

Shapiro himself is no stranger to television. In the past, he served as an assistant on shows like Lost and Parks and Recreation. He said he got the idea for the account after overhearing some parents at work talking about their daycare experience.

We think Pally is the perfect fit for a show like this. Set to be animated, the show is currently set to be released on Hulu.